Critters: Calico Baby Windmill Playhouse adac5kkub7352-人形

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Critters: Calico Baby Windmill Playhouse adac5kkub7352-人形

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【商品名】Calico Critters: Baby Playhouse Windmill【カテゴリー】ホビー:人形・ドール

Calico Critters: Baby Playhouse Windmill



Calico Critters: Baby Playhouse Windmill (輸入品)

Calico Critter babies love to spend time in the pretty Play House with a windmill on top
Includes Play House, bedroom and kitchen furniture and accessories, a baloon that goes up and down, and a removeable roof
Additions are easy to attach
Collect them all
Hours of creative, imaginative play time
The unique "build on" feature allows you to add more rooms later

サイズ:約33×33×23cm重量:1.3kgアメリカ版のシルバニアファミリーCalico Crittersです。20以上のベッドルームやキッチン等のアクセサリーがあり、バルーンも上下に動かせます。屋根は取り外せます。人形は付属しません。

Calico Critters: Baby Playhouse Windmill
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